How to Make Sex Last Longer

Getting to the climax is easy, but making the overall duration of sex lasts longer is quite hard for some men and women. When you don’t want to reach the peak yet, but the tingling and unstoppable sensations are already a push away, you get the feeling of frustration and of course, it could also make you feel unsatisfied. Aside from that, you don’t want to get embarrassed in front of your partner or worse, he/she might felt bad about how you ended up in five minutes – and he/she was just starting to heat up the moment.

Here are some simple tips on how to make sex lasts longer:
Don’t just automatically dive into thrusting. Pleasure each other first.
There are some men who just quickly pull out their big vein and then go ahead and do it with their women. Well, if you are in a quickie-mode, then that’s just fine, but if not, then better be mindful with your partner’s and most of all – your pleasure. Start with soft caresses and little kisses on your partner’s most attractive part. Then, you do some whispering while letting a soft kiss at the back of his/her ear. You can touch gently all over his/her body and even go deeper – under until you can hear some moaning.

As for the men – don’t focus on her inside, also mind her whole being.
What does whole-being mean? You discover her inner-self. How she reacts when you touch her by the hips, nipples, mount the whole breasts, or under her moon. The more generous you are with your tongue on the part she likes you to place it, the crazier she can be with you, too. So, find and observe her every reaction or learn from how moms teach sex and you’ll probably get what you really deserve. At this stage, you are most likely going to make the action lasts longer.
As for the women – tease your man slowly and mind the explosion.
Ladies, always bear in mind that some guys – if not all of them, are like a bomb that could explode anytime like in a hot office porn movie and you are the one who is responsible for the removal of the pin. There can be no timed-bomb guys where you could just simply play with him as long as you like and just wait for the countdown. If that’s the case, then everyone’s lucky, but, unfortunately they are all a bomb with a pin. So, make sure that every action you perform to your guy is hot and enjoyable and slowly release the pin for a greater satisfaction.

You are not in a hurry. So, think for a brighter ending.
Having sex should be fun and worth it. The more time you invest in one moment could definitely be remembered forever. So, if you want to include these pleasures in your memory bank, then make it all worthwhile. You can also learn some thing from innocent high free. So, for once, think about how you could possibly hold an ice for long under the sun. It’s all in your mindset. And if you can hold it much longer, then you can have the longest and most enjoyable sex in your life, ever.

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